Today is my Birthday and I am 41 Years Old but I Don’t Feel a Day over 39

I usually reserve Wednesday for a sports post, but since today is my birthday I decided to write about myself instead. I will do a Sports Thursday post this week, as the 20th annual Maccabi Games open in Israel.

So, as the title of today’s post reads: today I am 41 years old but I don’t feel a day over 39. Last year was a big birthday for me as I entered a new decade. In my twenties, I was still considered a kid in many ways, in my thirties I was a full-grown adult but still considered a young adult. When I turned forty last summer I recognized that I had entered a new phase of life as a more mature (sometimes even respected!) adult.

Many of my older friends told me that reaching 40 was a big milestone. They told me it was a time of life when my career and my family would bloom, on the one hand, but also a time that I would start to wake up with some aches in places in my body I didn’t even know existed.

Number 40 definitely was a year of great change for me, with a new baby and the start of my journey on my new career path. I enjoy watching my children grow up and I am both excited and terrified to see what is next for my career. But do I feel different? Do I feel older? Did 40 bring with it new aches or a sense of greater maturity?

No, not really. In that sense, I really don’t feel a day over 39. I feel young, and while I am definitely a bit sleep deprived lately (thanks Nessa), I have more energy than ever and am excited every morning to see what the day will bring.

My birthday began early this morning with celebrations led by my 7-year-old, who plans her calendar around birthdays. While I slept, Julia loaded my bed with kazoos, balloons, a new stuffed animal for me (for her) and a box of my favourite chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. I arrived downstairs to a beautiful breakfast cooked by my husband, David, and Julia. They made giant buttermilk pancakes and the BEST scrambled eggs (a recipe we learned from Gordon Ramsay that I highly recommend you try).

Julia and David are now off for the day, and while it wasn’t their intention, their final gift to me was a filthy kitchen with a sink full of dishes. Sigh. They meant well. My day continues with Nessa’s music class, a nice afternoon walk and dinner with the whole family and some friends at a great restaurant.

So far 41 isn’t bad. I eagerly look forward to what the year will bring and the adventures I will take. This blog is one of those adventures, and I love to write every day. Thank you everyone for your feedback and your support. And since I have already received many messages by phone, email and social media, thank you to everyone for the kind birthday greetings.

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