Everybody Loves Friday Night

I know that the actual lyrics to this song are, “Everybody loves Saturday night.” Saturday night is fun, and it represents the middle of the weekend when many people can really let loose. But for me, it’s all about Friday night. That’s why I have changed the lyrics to, “Everybody loves Friday night.”

Before I explain why I l believe that everybody loves Friday night so much I think it’s important to give this wonderful folk song, written in 1957, its due. The inspiration for this song goes back to when Nigeria was a British colony, in the 1950’s. The Nigerian people were under curfew every night, and logically they were angry about this and protested. They won a partial victory, as the curfew was lifted one night each week – Saturday night. So, this is a song of celebration. I am sure you have heard it sung in many languages, including Nigerian, French, Spanish and Hebrew, to name a few.


Back to why I believe everybody loves Friday night. In many parts of the world, including where I live, in Canada, Friday is the end of the work and school week. It’s why the acronym, TGIF – thank goodness it’s Friday – is so popular. After a long and often stressful week, we can all rest our minds and bodies as the sun goes down and the weekend sets in.

For Jews Friday night represents the start of the Sabbath, which is celebrated every week in my house. It’s the one night that we always sit down together as a family for dinner, catch up on the week’s activities and take our time at the table. There is no rush to go anywhere, and it’s nice to just slow down. It doesn’t mean Friday night dinner is elegant or quiet – I have a very loud husband and three young and rambunctious children. Someone is always screaming, fighting or throwing some piece of dinner at someone else, but on Friday night it just doesn’t bother me as much.

Friday night is the start of the weekend, and I love the start of anything – like the start of a vacation or the start of the new school year (how many days until that happens?). There is something luscious about Friday night that I look forward to every week, and I savour every moment.

We have more family coming to visit us this weekend, and I have a fridge full of decadent food to feed them tonight. We are a big crowd for dinner, and in a few hours my house will be filled with people and the excitement of the weekend ahead. That’s why I believe that everybody loves Friday night.

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