Escape by Shower

Do you take a shower at night or in the morning? Early evening? After work? Or do you do shift work and grab one in the middle of the day? Are you quick or take a while? As I have figured out through some deep thinking lately, a shower is not a simple process.

For some people, it’s simply about getting clean. You turn on the water, get in, maybe wash your hair and body, and you’re out. The showering process can be all of 2 or 3 minutes long. I remember, years ago, when I was in university, that I met some military guys who had a competition: who could take the fastest shower. They were in and out in less than a minute, all clean and fresh.

I just don’t see the point of that. You see, for me, a shower is not just about getting clean. It’s also an escape. And I will clarify. I love, after a long and busy day, to close the door in the bathroom, turn on the hot water and gently and slowly get in the shower. As I put my head under the steaming hot water and close my eyes, all the craziness and stress of the day are washed away. I immediately relax.

I don’t want to rush through a shower. Of course, I wash my hair and body, but I also take this time to release the tension of the day. It’s incredible. It is my escape. While I don’t rush through a shower, I definitely take my time.

I like to shower once my kids have gone to sleep (which can be quite late sometimes) and the house is quiet. The night time shower is what I prefer over one in the morning. I think the biggest problem with a morning shower is that I can’t take my time and relax. I have too many thoughts in my head about all the things I need to do before I leave my house for the day as well all the tasks ahead for the day. There is no relaxing, no escape. And often, when I do shower in the morning, there is a husband or child banging on the door.

Then there is the bath. I have always been intrigued how some of us are “bath people” while others are “shower people” I remember one House Hunters show in particular where the couple told their realtor that they didn’t want to look at any properties with a bathtub. The husband said he didn’t understand how anyone wanted to lie in their own filth. As he put it, your body is basically dirty before you get in the tub, so you are lying in dirty water.

He has a point, but I will admit that I am both a shower person and a bath person. I don’t go the route of the bath every day, but if I have a sore back or sore legs or am suffering from a nasty cold, a bath gives me great relief. But like a shower, the escape only happens for me at night. That’s when I can truly relax.

What are your shower habits? Or do you prefer baths? Morning? Night? Other? I would love to hear more. Leave me a comment here, or post something on Facebook, or Tweet me @AliciaRichler.

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  1. Bath, definitely! Filth is a bit harsh, I think! AND while having a relaxing soak, can also enjoy a good book! Take that, shower people! 😜

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