What’s Your Favourite Doughnut Flavour Combination?

doughnut flavour combination


I will admit it: I love doughnuts. There’s something so pleasing about that combination of fried dough, sugar, fillings and toppings that makes my stomach purr with delight. Whether I am hungry or not, every time I pass by a doughnut shop I feel a slight twinge to slip inside and purchase one of these tasty treats. Today I ask you, my readers, what’s your favourite doughnut flavour combination?

Yesterday evening, with my girls in the car cruising about town, we drove past a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. My doughnut radar quickly went off, I parked the car and we went in to bask in the joy of picking out a dozen doughnuts for a Saturday night family treat.

But what to choose? We were faced with a great glass case of doughnuts, and all of them looked so good. I quickly chose a couple of mint chocolate for my son and sea salt caramel for me. My daughter had to have one with sprinkles as well as a strawberry filled powdered. It wouldn’t be a visit to a doughnut shop without buying some cream filled doughnuts or the melt in your mouth original glazed.

Our mouths watered as I gingerly carried the precious box to the car and we drove home. Everyone pounced as the box was opened and my family swiftly devoured half a dozen doughnuts. Krispy Kreme did not disappoint.

What was my favourite doughnut flavour combination from last night’s box? For me, hands down it was the sea salt caramel, which Krispy Kreme describes as “filled with salted caramel filling, dipped in decadent chocolate icing, drizzled with both the chocolate and caramel icings and topped with a blend of amber sugar, salt sprinkle and Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips.”

But Krispy Kreme, while I do love their fresh and creative doughnuts, is not the only game in town. Every Canadian town has its local Tim Hortons, with traditional favourites such as Boston Cream, Canadian Maple, Sour Cream Plain or Chocolate Glazed. Tim Hortons doughnuts are okay, but over the last couple of years I have eaten a few too many stale baked goods from this establishment.

With more doughnut shops per capita in Canada than any other country in the world, it’s easy to find other basic doughnuts at establishments such as Coffee Time or Country Style, or you can go to a gourmet place and try fancy flavour combinations such as apricot and ginger, bacon and maple or chocolate fudge with grilled strawberries.

I find that most of the gourmet doughnut flavour combinations are too indulgent for me and sometimes I’m happy to consume an original glazed. It is hard for me to refuse a doughnut (or a cupcake, or cake, or tarte…) filled with caramel, so my vote for my favourite doughnut flavour combination is definitely caramel and chocolate.

I know I missed National Doughnut Day on June 2, which is definitely a special day of the year, but for me every day is a day to celebrate the doughnut. Tell me what your favourite doughnut flavour combination is by leaving a comment here or Tweet me @AliciaRichler. I look forward to trying all these flavours.